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Fred Locks & Sabolious - No To Racism EP

On ‘No to Racism’ legendary Jamaican singer Fred Locks collaborates with producer and saxophonist Sabolious. In the context of recent global events regarding racial discrimination, the song hits the nerve of the times and yet sounds timeless. Musically, the focus is on dub, especially in the style of the stepper sound. The end result of this collaboration is released in the form of a 6-song EP (including saxophone and dub versions) and a music video of the title track.

Thera P. - The Secret

With the second release, Anaves Music lets you hear about them with a collaboration of Austrian musicians and producers. The creative result is strongly characterized by Thera P.'s soulful vocals and uplifting lyrics. In addition to the original version, which was produced by label owner Sabolious, there are also two great remixes by Monsieur Knabberdub and Three Lake Music. ‘The Secret’ truly offers a musical journey from world music to dancehall to dub and hip-hop.

Stüngö feat. Dynomite - Atterseezeit

‘Atterseezeit’ is a carefree reggae track with folk music elements through harmonica and tuba. The very amusing dialect text by Stüngö, a music veteran of the Salzkammergut, and Dynomite, the FM4 protest song contest winner 2020 from Vöcklabruck, is about the summery Attersee time, when everyone is in bathing fever and lets the summer drift with them. The music was composed and recorded by the multi-instrumentalist Jakob Rieder from Vöcklabruck. The text is also by him and by Dino Izic (aka Dynomite).

Awa Fall, Bukkha, Sabolious & Vale - Free Your Mind EP

The ‘Free Your Mind EP’ includes four reggae/stepper tracks: a vocals version featuring the powerful voice of Italian-Senegalese singer Awa Fall (aka Sista Awa), a horns version featuring horn duo Sabolious and Vale, and two dub versions by Vale and Bukkha. In addition, I-Mitri Counteraction recorded excellent percussion and none other than Alpha Steppa mastered the EP. Meditative vibes are guaranteed!

Thera P. - Still

‘Almost midnight, she's still awake...’ sings Thera P. (aka Theresa Pribasnig) at the beginning of her song ‘Still,’ the second single production by Anaves Music and the singer from Vienna. Thera P. wants to draw attention with this song to the situation of people in precarious living conditions. Existing social inequalities and poverty have increased since Corona. Accompanied by soulful piano and saxophone sounds by David Koberger and Sebastian Schwager, the thoughtful text nestles through the distinctive voice of Thera P. nicely on the track's sophisticated harmonies. The German dub expert Umberto Echo provides the perfect finishing touches to the sound and also contributes an instrumental dub version. Soulfood!

Sabolious - Lazy Leg

With ‘Lazy Leg,’ saxophonist and producer Sabolious delivers his first Lofi track. Spherical and funky synth sounds meet an emotional saxophone and a bass-heavy chillhop beat. Of course, a few delays and reverbs should not be missing. Very dreamy and perfect to let yourself go!

Jäno - Dusty Feel

Jäno is a young lofi hip-hop producer. Born in Syracuse (Italy), he began playing piano at age 6 and cello and guitar at age 12. He has teamed up with Anaves Music for a smooth release, ‘Dusty Feel.’

Ashanti Selah, Sabolious, Fred Locks - No To Racism EP (Remix)

Once again Anaves Music presents a reggae release with an exceptional international artist. This time with producer/musician Ashanti Selah, the son of dub soundsystem legend Aba Shanti-I. The young talent from UK took care of a remix of Anaves Music's first release, the ‘No To Racism EP’. Instead of a stepper sound you now hear the tracks by Fred Locks and Sabolious in a classic one drop reggae style.

Sabolious - Joseph

Anaves Music presents a single release by label owner Sabolious that will make you dream and forget. The saxophonist and producer from Vienna/Austria shines with this chilled production called ‘Joseph,’ a chillhop beat with dreamy saxophone and guitar sounds.

Dubmatix & Joe Publik - Champion (Sabolious Lofi Remix)

Anaves Music is really delighted that the lofi remix of Dubmatix' and Joe Publik's new track ‘Champion’ by Sabolious made the remix contest's top 13 final selection (out of 149) and is part of the ‘Champion (Original & Remixes) EP’.

Gailer x Nana - Was soll ich tun

The single track ‘Was soll ich tun’ by the Austrian rap/pop trio Gailer x Nana in collaboration with Anaves Music: melancholic drill/hip-hop vibes with groovy drums and fine guitar licks. The German-language text is about gratitude towards the parents and the denial of this gratitude.

Thera P. - New Seed

The distinctive soulful voice of Thera P., her emotional lyrics and smooth melodies combined with the uplifting but mellow Reggae riddim produced in the studio by Sabolious (Anaves Music label operator) result in a piece of music that moves, in more than one way.

Kol.EE aka King D x Sabolious - Purification

Music with a message, vocalist Kol.EE aka King D - veteran of the eminent Dubbing Sun Soundsystem - takes the spotlight for this release and stands tall as the latest national addition to the label roster of Anaves Music.

Tomlink - Morning Flavor

‘Morning Flavor’ is the premiere collabo of Anaves Music and French musician/producer Tomlink. It's the first single of their upcoming ‘Affinity EP.’ It takes its main inspiration from Lofi, Chillhop & Electro. An intimate and meditative relaxation is echoed and found.

Tomlink - Affinity EP

‘Affinity’ is the result of a quest for new sound expressions. Each track is worked on a completely new blend of genres and brings a new sound and stylistic dimension to Lofi. Inspired by Jazz, Funk, Disco, Hip-Hop, Phonk, Soul, and Electro, Tomlink skilfully manipulates his music styles and knows how to get the best mixes between them.

Lofi Sax & Sabolious - Lo-Reggae

Lofi Chillhop meets Reggae's soulful riddims, crafting tranquil sax melodies and captivating arrangements. Immerse in a tropical oasis, sway to rhythmic bliss. Embarking on a soul-stirring musical journey, this genre-defying track is a fit for every chill atmosphere.

Anaves Music feat. Sabolious - Forward Dub

Futuristic Dub meets powerful Reggae, inspired by the UK Stepper and Bass music. Immersing on an exceptional fusion by Anaves Music & Sabolious, this bouncing track would be a fit on every playlist with uplifting Reggae and Dub tracks. Feel the energy as sax melodies meet bass-heavy Reggae vibes.

Shiano23 - Sun Ally

‘Sun Ally’ is the debut song from cloud rapper Shiano23. The track describes different experiences with love: from the most beautiful feeling in the world to total emotional chaos. The voice, decorated with autotune, is underpinned by a strong trap beat with a well-founded arrangement.

Bandulu - Rise Again

‘Rise Again’ is a modern, Trap-influenced Reggae track and the first collaboration between Bandulu and Anaves Music. The song encourages to keep getting up and fighting against all odds. Bandulu’s incisive singjay style is backed by a chilled and trappy skank beat, produced by label head Sabolious.

Anaves Music - Bass Jam

Anaves Music's first album with the resounding title ‘Bass Jam’ not only promises a lot of music with bass reinforcement but can also be viewed as a showcase of the label's previous releases plus new tracks. Reggae, Dub, Lofi, Trap & Dancehall: Bass Jam is going to feature good music with an offbeat focus and styles that transcend borders. As the album's tagline suggests: Get ready to skank!

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